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    summary first French meeting (18/11/2020)

    A first concrete idea consists in giving visibility to each project by illustrating and explaining it in a few words.

    From there, we wondered who would be in charge of this task. The proposed answer was to give each project a student representative in charge of coordinating the actions, spreading the word of mouth within the group, presenting the word of the others.

    Concretely, we will create a representative for each project on a voluntary basis. We will also specify the role of this "representative" in a few lines so that each volunteer will know what to expect. From there, we understood that it was necessary to have two representatives per project, an internal representative in charge of leading his or her country group, and an external representative in charge of relations with the other establishments in order to share our actions as much as possible.

    What we've done so far (2/12/2020)

    A summary of the three sessions we had together those past wednesdays...

    We started by giving some random thoughts about what could be a possible organization for the Give project. We were mainly focused on giving each project a group leader. And, the idea seemed to be shared since the research for group leaders was on only next week.
    On our second session, we decided to become more open to the other countries. So, for the past two weeks, we did researches. We looked up everything we could find about the political systems of all the countries invested in this project. We have lessons in France about how our country works, but the subject is so complicated, and every country is so different from the others, that we felt necessary to understand it better.

    Wednesday's meeting

    This afternoon, we continued our investigation to measure the ecological impact or environmental footprint of our school.

    Mr. Fouyi, manager, provided us with the figures useful for our survey.

    Soon, we will publish the results of our investigation and we will make proposals to reduce the ecological impact of the school.

    We will propose to partner schools to conduct the same type of investigation. We will then be able to compare the schools with each other and see which are the most environmentally friendly and why. We will also be able to compare the different proposals made by the students and see if they are successful or not.

  • Here you can find the document to organise the roles in the differnt projects. 

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