• İnnovation ın Preschool Education

    Technologies that offer us numerous possibilities have affected education and have become an integral part of education. The starting point in education is pre-school education. Preschool age, which is the most important time that should not be wasted, requires the correct use of technology. Children should be introduced to technology, but attention should be paid to its correct use. The technology used in pre-school education should be suitable for the developmental characteristics of children. However, compliance with the curriculum is also important. In this context, our project has the primary goals of being individuals who use technology, not using technology, with the use of correct technology in early childhood, guidance for families, researching and applying innovative applications suitable for children, and raising them.



    Emphasize the importance of preschool education
    To eliminate misperceptions about preschool education
    To increase the quality of preschool education
    To increase digital competencies in pre-school education in terms of teachers, students and parents
    Guiding parents and students in using the right technology
    To increase the attention and concentration of students with digital applications
    To draw attention to the development of technology over time
    To make coding studies in preschool education
    Support the use of effective web2 tools for student-parent-teachers
    Giving and reinforcing the gains in preschool education program with the help of technology
    Improving technology literacy with, Fatih-EBA
    To make students acquainted with augmented reality studies.
    Developing 21st century skills (critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking…)
    To make students acquainted with augmented reality studies.
    Working in collaboration with project partners.


    Working Process

    October: Project partners to introduce themselves, schools, city and country. Obtaining permission documents. Preparation of project logo, posters, brochures, trailers and videos. use of Web 2 tools, registering with partners at and conducting studies at student level, European Coding Week
    November: Introducing the digital application appropriate to the student level
    December:Presentations and joint exhibitions highlighting the development of technology over time , Presentations and map study about the Domestic Goods Letter Conscious use of technology seminar for parents

    Project partners to introduce a web2 tool and other members to use it, 
    January:Obtaining certificates by continuing to code coding from and using Web2 tools , virtual classroom applications

    February:Celebrating a safe internet day,Informing families about this, Continuing digital applications suitable for students in class and at home, virtual classroom applications

    March: Augmented reality studies and mobile applications,Implementation of web2 tools determined by teachers Studies suitable for specific days and weeks
    Science and Technology week celebrations,
     student presentations-student meetings,
    virtual classroom applications

    April:Promotion of digital applications suitable for the student level

    Introduction and implementation of selected applications for studentsStudies suitable for certain days and weeks, Virtual classroom application


    Presentation and implementation of selected applications for students, virtual museum class, robot dance, online meetings

    June : closing meeting certificates virtual exhibition final product

    The plan may change with the ideas of the project members

    Changes and additions made to the plan during the process are highlighted in red. The plan was shaped by the consensus of all partners.


    Expected Results

    Making a difference in preschool education
    Increasing digital competences in pre-school education in terms of teachers, students and parents
    Early development of the right technology
    Promotion of safe internet usage, awareness of families
    Harmonization with the vision of 2023
    Creation of common products
    Drawing attention to the rapid development of technology over time, holding an electronic waste exhibition and delivering waste to the necessary institutions develops technology literacy with Fatih-EBA
    Effective use of Web2 tools
    Innovative studies and sample applications in pre-school education