•   About the project

    Students' personal development:

    The European school systems aim at developping the students' abilities and personality even beyond the mere school subjects and in order to do so, the French system suggests four pathways. The schools are free to implement any activities that are related to these pathways. As one of them is the pathway of mental and physical health, we thought about a way to know one's own personality better to develop a way of handling situations that might be difficult to overcome.

    Deeply rooted in Chinese culture, the idea of taoism can be found, which is based on the principle of two opposite ideas that are interrelated and influence each other, Yin and Yang. Yang, which is the white part in the well-known symbol, contains the idea of activity, light, heat and height. The black part symbolizes Yin, which contains the idea (among others) of passivity, darkness, cold and deepness. Both sides can't exist without the other and finally form the united entirety.


    Find your Yin from your Yang and follow your way (tao)

    In this project, we are going to ask ourselves what parts of our personality belong to the idea of Yin and what parts belong to Yang. Our partners will add their point of view so that we'll have a more complete picture of ourselves and can face upcoming (perhaps difficult) situations more easily.

    Work process ☯ 1

    This is the original work process that we submited in the application form

    Alongside the work on the different steps, the participants will learn about Netiquette and Copyright as these are crucial for collaborating in teams on the Internet.


    Step 1-Presentation of the project

    • Trailer
    • Quiz 1 (according to the trailer, only to see if the students have got a general idea of what is Yin and what is Yang when it comes to personal choices)
    • General ideas on what is Yin, what is Yang

    Step 2-Presentation of the students in forum
    • All students describe themselves, in the description they highlight what they consider to be 7 key words for their own personality.
    • The students of all schools can post up to 7 photos related to those highlighted key words, if the others agree with the photos they needn't post another one, if they don't agree they suggest a different photo
    • All students comment on the 7 posts of all the partners, and choose between Yin or Yang
    • Taking the comments into consideration, every student decides for his own description which photo is Yin or Yang (if more than one photo has been suggested, he/she can choose his/her favourite one)
    • Every student edits his/her personal Taijitu with the 7 PNG images
    • Each national team creates 7 questions of a quiz, using photos and its complementary photo (on the basis of the descriptions and the decisions about Yin and Yang)
    • Quiz 2 (taken from the questions created in the teams)

    Step 3 -From Yin-Yang to Wuxing

    Free style activities

    The participating schools / students can choose to do activities as a plus to the collaborative ones that are meant to be done by all partners. Any school or student can join an activity that was suggested by another school. These are the categories to choose from:

    • STEM
    • Culture
    • Citizenship
    Expected results
    • Personality quiz
    • Gallery of Taijitus
    • Team posters
    Work process ☯ 2

    This is the work process that we followed, we 2 more steps

    - Quiz 1 «  Are you Yin or Yang? “


    - Forum Teams (Black, Dark grey, Light grey, White) Collaborative production (Taijitu)

    - Evaluation (poll 1): Is it possible to define your character precisely with opposite characteristics - Yin or Yang?


    - Quiz 2 «  Feng Shui Personality:

    “ Color - Personality - Hobby - House design - Problem solving - Life aim - Support a cause

    -The students are assigned to the Fengshui color group for the quiz 3 Fengshui colored clouds are edited (by teachers according to students answers)

    - Quiz 3 « In what colored cloud do you recognize yourself? “

    - Evaluation (by teachers) Does the choice of the cloud correspond to the test of personality ?

    - Forum Teams (Red, Green, Blue – Yellow , Silver)

    - Collaborative production (Posters of the colored team)

    - Vote for the team poster (poll 2)

    Poll 3: « Do you agree with the association of your colored team to the Wuxing element? “