6.3 Our recipes and nutrition facts

  • Nutrional Value is about contents of food and the impact of constituents on body. It relates to carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, additives, enzymes, vitamins, sugar intake, cholesterol, fat and salt intake. 

    Have a look at these recommendations on foods, nutrients and health to help us make informed choices about the foods, drinks and dietary patterns that promote good health.

    Task: You can add the recipe nutritional facts of your recipes here.

    When we try to work together Tradition, Nutrition and Gastronomy, sometimes it is hard work!

    For Mediterranean countries, as Portugal, Spain and Italy, cuisine and the transmission of culinary arts and practices to the new generations is considered as a basilar point and should be integrated in the academic curricula.

    The frame sheets intend to be a point of sharing knowledge between the tradition and gastronomic culture – that identifies the dishes that are typical from a region and a country and the nutrition field, through student of Nutrition Graduation that developed the nutritional valorisation and translate the information for simple messages to be learned from the students from other fields.
    In the past our physical activity was more frequent and hard /vigorous,  reason why nowadays we need to adapt the traditional dishes to our lifestyle, not only in terms of some ingredients but also, and fundamentally, in terms of the portions consumed.
    Learning is also contributing to a better health, through food – and teach food with passion and health!