Welcome to our project

  • You are new here??? At first a hearty welcome, it is nice that you take the time to have a look. You want to know what “MATHS ART TECHNOLOGY FOR A HARMONIUS SOCİETY“ stands for??? On the following pages you will find some answers to these and other questions, please feel free to have a look.

    This Twinspace was created to allow an ongoing communication between the participants of the ErasmusPlus project “M.A.T.H.S.”. In the following pages we want to give a survey of the basic idea of the project and the participating schools.

    To sum up, due to this project, we developed collaboration and friendship and as a result, we improved math, computing and English language skills.


    The tools we used  to carry out all the activities of this project  and to create this Twinspace are:

    Geogebra, Kizoa,  Padlet,  Slideshare, Youtube, Photopeach, Google doc, Google spreadsheet,  Google drive, Movie maker, PowToon, Issuu, Screen cast-O-Matic, Mapsengine.google,  Questionpro, powerpoint, word , Email, chat, skype, forum, website, and a facebook group.



    The poster of our project.. made by the Spanish team