The main object of M.A.T.H.S. is the use of computers in teaching Maths and focussing especially on the software GeoGebra. The project allows and encourages interdisciplinary work on different levels fitting easily into the national curricula. Ongoing communication and exchange of results happens on this Twinspace.

Project Journal

  • ..and the link to the video recorded last night
    - Posted by Antonella Pignatelli, 21.06.2017

  • I have uploaded a photo of us yesterday evening on the dissemination page
    - Posted by Antonella Pignatelli, 21.06.2017

  • I have uploaded our survey on the evaluation of the Erasmus + project under "Project activity/survey".
    - Posted by Meike Stamer, 18.06.2017

  • I'm trying to organize a webinar, probably 26th, 27th. I'd like to envolve as many of you as possible..
    - Posted by Antonella Pignatelli, 15.06.2017

  • an twinning event, which is going to last from 1 to 20 June, was opened to promote and disseminate our work to european teachers.....
    - Posted by EFI FILIPPAKI, 11.06.2017