The main object of M.A.T.H.S. is the use of computers in teaching Maths and focussing especially on the software GeoGebra. The project allows and encourages interdisciplinary work on different levels fitting easily into the national curricula. Ongoing communication and exchange of results happens on this Twinspace.

Project Journal

  • Congratulations to Greek ,Spanish,German and Italian teams.I am proud to be part of this project.
    - Posted by Gülsemin Turan, 16.10.2017

  • Now, I think it is my turn to send my congratulations to the German and to the Italian team, as both of them were awarded the National labels!!!! I am proud of all of us!!! I am proud of our work!!! Thank you all for the wonderful moments we lived due to This project!!!!!!! Regards from Crete!!!!
    - Posted by EFI FILIPPAKI, 16.10.2017

  • Congratulations to the Greek, Turkish and Spanish team!!!!!!
    - Posted by Nicoletta Bucigni, 29.09.2017

  • Great Spain! Congratulation for the third quality label!!! I love you ;-)
    - Posted by Stefano Loschi, 29.09.2017

  • Third quality label!!!!! Congratulations to our Spanish friends!!!!
    - Posted by Antonella Pignatelli, 29.09.2017