Diffusion of our Project

  • Our Project was presented in Latvia on a professional page of e-Twinning Facebook


    and in France, thanks to our language inspectors Mme Sue Galand and Mme Valérie Nouasria and all the Language Teachers' Team working with her, with Mme Cindy Lamothe,

    - on a page of our Regional Educational website of Bordeaux Académie  


    as shown below with a capture pic of the article within the projects' section and namely e-Twinning project:


    and  thanks to Alexandre Denutte on a page of  forum m@gistere:


    as shown below with a capture pic of the article within the special section of collaborative materials and projects during schools shutdown in times of educational continuity:

     with all my special thx to Mme Sue Galand, Mme Cindy Lamothe and M. Alexandre Denutte for their help for the diffusion of our project and the smashing involvement and creativity our our students in times of school's shutdown and home lockdown!


    On France Facebook e-Twinning page:

    Our Danish colleague also made a  final presentation at her school and an article was published on the Danish e-Twinning pages: