Our Schools and Local Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Challenges


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     A special iniative in our region in France to protect our sand dunes and recycle Xmas trees entitled "Fir trees for our Sand Dunes':

     A special iniative in our town Dax: adopting 2 hens to reduce our home waste

    In Brodnica, Poland,

    1) our children also collect plastic bottle caps 

    2) they collect used electric batteries and paper as well

    3) there is a special day in our school when old equipment like old computers, TVs, players etc. is brought  by parents and pupils to our school  and then it is  taken to be dismantled

    4) pupils who collect the most recycled rubbish are rewarded with small prizes like a diploma and sweets 

    5) each year there is the Earth Day when our pupils collect rubbish in the area near the school.

    by Oksana Hushchyna

  • Sustainable Initiatives

    French Sustainable Initiatives

    bags for Xmas trees and International Handicap

    French Sustainable Initiative

    Recycling fir trees to protect sand dunes

    French Local Sustainable Initiative

    Adopting 2 Hens to reduce domestic waste in Dax

    French Sustainable Intitiatives

    Collecting plastic bottle caps: fund raising for projects for handicapped people