Food and Favourite Dishes and Recipes with left overs

  • Traditionnally families have been taught how to deal with left-overs and cook new recipes, not to throw away food and still enjoy their meals, and so we could share our family recipes to take part in that Sustainable way to deal with food!

  • Favourite Dishes and Recipes with left-overs


    Pain perdu - with slices of bread that are you are left with

    Main course

    Hachis Parmentier (any type of minced meat or fish) with mashed potatoes on top and some melted cheese

    Latvian national food
    French Toast- 'Pain perdu'

    video with English subtitles

    Main course

    Pasta Gratins - pasta with any vegetables, meat or fish left and melted cheese on top.

    Main course

    A casserole with leftover slices of toast bread, ham (salami, chicken or any other meat), cheese, eggs, any vegetables you have for example tomatoes, red peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives and chive.


    A dessert made with leftover cakes ( muffins / sweet breads), any nuts and dried fruits you have at hand, butter, jam and Nutella or other chocolate spread.

    Main course

    "Kopytka" - Polish Mashed Potato Dumplings.
    A dish made with leftover cooked potatoes, flour and an egg. Served with buttered breadcrumbs on top.


    Banana bread
    If you want to use up some very ripe bananas, try this simple dish.