Topic 4 - Personal Experiences, Diaries through Schools Shut Down and Home Lockdown

  • Diary Entries during Home Lockdown

    Diary Entries

    Please write about your Experience in times of Schools' closure and Home Lockdown because of Covid 19 - Coronavirus pandemia

    shut down

    it is hard to live without seeing My friends every day.I think is fun to be home but still it is not fun that we have limited acces to see our freinds and come home to them and have fun with them

    My experience, by Yanis a French pupil

    During school shut down and home lock down, I am with my mother and my brother or with my father, I take more time and I get up later than when I go to school. The days are long, but I do not get bored. There is not a lot of homework, so I work a little more in Spanish and English because I am not very good. I'm enjoying good times because I'm lucky to have a garden. If all goes well schools shut down and strict home lock down in France will be over on May 11 ( what our President announced on TV on Monday evening). I hope

    What I like to do during lock down - by Ameena, a Latvian pupil.

    I've been enjoying keeping my mind off things with drawing! Lately I've been picking up my colored pencils I had no motivation to draw with for over a year :) I'm in lock down with 5 other people, so it's really not easy! I can't wait for it to end, I miss normal life so much. I've also been photographing a lot! I added one of my favorite newest photos, it's of my dog Chico. Speaking of which, I've been spending a lot of time outside! We live on a field with no other people, so we can thankfully walk freely around the field, which Chico has definitely been happy about. But yeah! That's pretty much it!

    My Quarantine, by Amalie (13 years old), Tarup Skole, Denmark

    Right now Denmark is in a lockdown.It is kind of hard to be in lockdown, because everything’s different. You don’t go outside your house without it being necessary, or if you have to buy food at the grocery store. If you wanna see your friends, then you have to facetime or go for a walk with them. When we go for a walk there is one-two meters between us. But it still feels so weird that you can’t hug when you see each other.
    In Denmark we get our homework online. Normally the teachers send us the homework on two websites called Classroom or Aula.
    It is so weird to not be in the same room as your classmates and teachers. I mean we do have meetings, but it's still so weird.
    But on the bright side it’s so nice to choose when you would like to have lunch break or not.

    From Lola Mar, a French pupil

    I get up every morning at 8:00 a.m. so that I can get to work from 9:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. (Our teachers send us work on our school webplatform and we have Virtual Classes, too with some teachers). Then I work again from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., after that I play table tennis a lot with my brother. And personally I go through lockdown quite well, even if I miss a lot of people!

    Melanie, Latvia
    Some Slam lines by Anthony G, a French pupil

    As we wake up and get up
    With the songs of young birds
    From remote working to working places
    Thank you
    And while we enjoy
    Making childhood desserts with chocolate chips
    While my parents are painting
    I 'm growing and culture connecting

    Melania's learning routine in Latvian
    From Viola, Denmark

    My name is Viola.
    I am 12 years old and live in Denmark, in Odense.
    I'm in 6th grade and can,t go to school at the moment.
    My life in "Lockdown"
    I've been home for 2 months.
    When I'm at home I play with my dog, go on small trips in Denmark with my family, do homework and some times I just relax.
    Bad and good things about "Lockdown".
    The good things are that I'm doing a lot of homework and I've learnt so much and I feel more clever now.
    I'm also making a lot of new creative projects.
    I've been baking a lot more, then I normally do.
    The bad things: Some times I feel very stressed-out and feel like I'm doing my homework too slowly, when I'm actually doing it pretty quickly and I miss my social life, with friends and family.
    That is what my "Lockdown" looks like.

    Some Slam lines by Virgile, a French pupil

    Even if I play football, I miss any opponent.
    While I’m having fun and running around
    While I’m working and enranging my Mum
    While I’m helping out and doing some cooking
    When I’m trying the wifi connection for my *VC
    When my sister is listening to her dictation full blast
    When my father’s doing odd jobs and I find it funny
    While I’m spending my time making sure I stay in
    THEY are nursing.

    *Vitual Class

    Lockdown, Amelia a Poland student (14 years old)

    During the lockdown I spend my time mostly enjoying my hobbies like: drawing, writing and playing ukulele. A whole lockdown for me is a good opportunity to relax and spend time with my family. And now I have some time to do the research for my novel and practice drawing humans (at the top you can see one of my small drawings) and I’m so happy about it. I miss my normal life a bit, but now it is not so bad! I just can’t wait to meet my friends. Hope you are all doing well!

    My lockdown (Veronica from Poland, 14 years old)

    Hi! I'm Veronica from Poland, and this is my quarantine. I wake up at 8 a.m.. After that I drink a cup of coffee and eat breakfast . Later I have got a few e - lessons. Next I practice yoga for an hour. In the afternoon I eat dinner with my family and do my homework, while listening to vinyls. In the evening I read a book, practice yoga again and sometimes I watch a film or series. Now I'm feeling good, but I really miss my school and classmates.

    My routine during the lockdown (Maciej from Poland, 14 years old)

    My day starts at 7 am. I stretch every morning and then eat breakfast. Then I do my homework and participate in online lessons. During quarantine I spend most of my time on the computer, but I also have more time for my hobby. It is sport, especially athletics. After e-lessons, I go outside with my younger brother and play football with him. In the afternoon I eat dinner with my family and read books. Sometimes I also ride a bike. I train athletics 4 times a week, which makes me happy. In the evening I eat supper and take a shower. I watch movies before bed. The current period limits us in many things, so we should stay at home. I miss my classmates and schoolmates. I’d like to meet them. I hope that the pandemic will stop soon and I will be able to return to normal life.

    My experiences on lockdown, 15 years old Sophie from Poland

    During these hard times, most of the time I am on my own. To not feel lonely, sometimes I call my friends. But mainly, I read books, draw, try new things. Occasionally I watch TV series (for example-currently I watch ,,Itaewon Class”-it’s very cool) and exercise. Of course, except for doing pleasant things, I study, attend online lessons, do my homework. Somehow, these activities replace my former routine. Of course, I miss my friends and going out with them, but I found some advantages in these hard times, even though I can’t go out, if it’s not necessary. I have more time for myself, self-care, relax and reflecting on my future. I started to eat healthily and began vegetarian diet.
    This is my lockdown reality. I hope you’re staying safe and strong.

    My lockdown (14 year old Maja from Poland)

    During quarantine I haven't done much, beside some school work and helping my mum. The one thing I have done is buying a set of 1000 puzzle pieces. It’s a very pretty Vincent van Gogh painting called: “Starry Night Over the Rhône”. I Thought i would be easy… It’s not. I have had this set for about a week now, and I haven't finished it. In fact I’m not even halfway done. But I’m not giving up. Hopefully i didn't lose any of the puzzles. Other then that I watched some TV shows and movies or read some books. Anyway I hope y’all are doing great. Just remember to wash your hands and stay home :).

    Slam lines by Corentin D. and Pablo R. 2 French pupils -(Full version on special page)

    Getting bored stiff develops creativity,
    And during lockdown, it's time for,
    Moving, dancing, slamming, having fun yeah,
    And yet we still get damned bored.

    But cooped up in cramped quarters, how can I do ?
    To cope with all this, when I can't see you,
    Good thing social networks are there, always ready for use,
    So that you can't run out of creativity.

    It's war now, apply prevention tips,
    Without being able to know if, without really seeing it,
    Without being able to stop it or treat it,
    There's always gonna be assholes to take a walk with it.

    No more planes to fly around means less pollution, too ,
    When the Earth can cool off, breathe for us it’s time to ,
    And what it comes to : otherwise I just can't do,
    We all agree, lockdown is so damn boring.

    lock down

    in lock down i was playing much more ps4 with my friens i was in home school it was more boring then normal school it sucks. one time i was togherter with my freins and it was very strange because for social distance

    Corona Lockdown

    Mit navn er Viola.
    Jeg er 12 år gammel og bor i Danmark, i Odense.
    Jeg går i 6. klasse og kan ikke gå i skole, lige nu.
    Mit liv i "Lockdown"
    Jeg har været hjemme i ca 2 måneder.
    Når jeg er hjemme, leger jeg med min hund, tager på små eventyr med min familie, laver lektier og nogle gange slapper jeg bare af.
    Dårlige og gode ting ved "Corona Lockdown"
    De gode ting er at jeg laver en masse lektier og jeg har lært så meget og føler mig mere klog nu.
    Jeg laver også en masse nye kreative projekter.
    Jeg har bagt en hel del mere end jeg plejer.
    Dårlige ting:
    Nogle gange føler jeg mig meget stresset og jeg føler at jeg laver mine lektier alt for langsomt, når jeg egentlig laver dem rimelig hurtigt og jeg savner mit sociale liv, med venner og familie.
    Det er sådan min "Corona Lockdown" ser ud.

    Poetryslam by Emil -Denmark- no sound file


    We are back
    stop with eating snacks.

    People died
    because china lied.

    Dad is getting fat
    and we got a new cat.

    I play a lot of computer
    but i have a bad router.


    Vi er tilbage
    stop med at spise snacks.

    personer dør
    fordi Kina løj.

    Far bliver tyk
    og vi har fået en ny kat.

    Jeg spiller en del computer
    men jeg har en dårlig router.

    Made by Emil Tarup school

    Poetry Slam by Kristoffer- sound file in English then in Danish

    I have learnt during the lockdown that I missed my friends more than I thought I would.
    and I have also learnt during the lockdown that spending more time with my family is more important compared to playing online games all day long. I still play a lot but I am still spending time with my family.

    In Danish.
    Under Coronaperioden har jeg lært, at venner betyder mere end jeg troede.
    Under Coronaperioden har jeg lært at bruge tid sammen med min familie er bedre end game hele tiden. Jeg spiller stadig, men husker at bruge tid med familien.

    Poetry slam by Søren in English with text on screen

    I've been playing a lot on my playstation lately
    should i stop it. Maybe

    I was sad
    because its bad

    I was home and
    I was all alone

    now we are back
    I need stop eating snack


    jeg er spillet på meget på playstation på det seneste
    burde jeg stoppe måske

    jeg var trist
    fordi det var dårligt

    jeg var hjemme
    og jeg var helt alene

    nu er vi tilbage
    jeg skal stoppe med at spise snack

    Ida from Denmark (Corona)- no sound file

    Hi i'm Ida, and i'm from Denmark.
    I was very bored, but now i'm in school agien.
    I was bored every day, I went to home school every day, and I hate it. Sometimes we get a meet, and talk about how it was going, and I really like the meets because you see your friends agien (the meet was over the computer).
    Some times I want to cry because i was so bored.
    I missed my friends so much, and i actually still miss them.
    I go in school three hours a day, and it's so much funnier in real school.

    Bye <3

    My Quaranetin by Klara (13 years old), Denmark. no sound file

    In my quarantine I have been bored
    I have been so tired and I've felt ignored.
    By my teacher and parents maybe they don't know
    That it is hard for me being stuck at home.
    I feel so alone I don't know what to do
    Death is surrounding me I bet you too.
    Why is this happening it is going so fast
    When will it stop I can't help but ask.

    Danish translation
    I min karantæne har jeg kedet mig
    Jeg har været træt of følt mig ignoreret
    At mine lære of forældre måske ved de ikke
    At det er hård for mig at være fanget hjemme

    Jeg føler mig så alene og jeg ved ikke hvad jeg skal gøre
    Død omringer mig sikkert også dig gætter jeg
    Hvorfor sker det så hurtigt
    Kan jeg ikke lade være med at spørge.

    My Quarantine, by Viktor (12 years old), English and Danish with text on screen

    at the morning i eat my breakfest and after that i do homework and after that i do more homework and after that i play on my ps4 with my freinds because there are only homework, after that i read a book and then sleep. I have learned that there is to much homework . in danish om morgenen spiser jeg min breakfest og efter det laver jeg hjemmearbejde, og derefter gør jeg mere hjemmearbejde, og derefter spiller jeg på min ps4 med mine freinds, fordi der kun er hjemmearbejde, derefter læser jeg en bog og derefter sover. Jeg har lært, at der er meget hjemmearbejde.

    lockdown Sebastian from Denmark- with texts on screen

    I wake up, prepare breakfast, eat it. Then I do homework, then I go for a walk then I go home. Do homework, then go for a walk, then I go home and eat and then do more homework and then play with my sister and then play games and then eat and then read a book and then sleep. I have learned that there is not enough homework.

    on danish:
    Jeg stod op, lavede morgenmad, spiste morgenmad. Så lavede jeg lektier, så gik jeg en tur så gik jeg hjem. lavede lektier, så gik jeg en tur så gik jeg hjem og spise frokost og lavede flere lektier så legede jeg med min søster så spillede jeg så spiste jeg aftensmad så læste jeg bog så faldt jeg i søvn.
    Jeg lærte at vi fik for lidt lektier for.

    Poetry Slam by Laurits Tarup school-video with text in English

    Being home from school
    was very cruel

    it was sad
    and we felt bad

    the computer was used
    and the books was confused

    was corona made
    or was it just fate

    but china lied
    and people died

    we weren't prepared
    and why because the government didn't shared

    but now we are back
    and i've stopped eating snacks

    Before i should had said hi
    but now i'm going to say bye


    At være hjemme fra skole
    har været grusomt
    det var sørgeligt
    og vi havde det dårligt
    computeren var brugt
    og bøgerne var forvirret
    var corona lavet eller var det bare skæbne
    men kina løg
    og folk døde
    vi var ikke forberedt
    og hvorfor, fordi regeringen ikke var delte
    men nu er vi tilbage
    og jeg har stoppet med at æde snacks
    før skulle jeg have sagt hej
    men nu skal jeg sige farvel.

    Lockdown in Denmark by Mikkel -Tarup school- video

    in the lock down i was home but now i am back in school i played alot more ps4 then i normal do. i am out am ride mounten bike it was funny i been doing it for some time now. that was my time in lock down.

    Melina's experiences during the lockdown with soundfile

    I thought it was pretty stressful to be assigned so much homework and no physical help from a teacher. Yep that was pretty annoying, but the nine weeks actually passed quickly, also it was really nice not having to wake up at 7:00am and coming home at 3:00p.m. It’s really annoying and sad that I can’t hug any of my friends or be with them in their homes, but now we are allowed to be in each others’ homes, but we still can’t hug because of the virus. I hate the fact that some teenagers don’t care about other people’s lives, they just think about themselves and do not wash their hands or use hand sanetizer for other people’s sake and they already know not washing hands can affect many people and maybe kill them in the end, but they don’t care and that’s what’s making me so upset.

    Poetryslam by Ali Riza -mixed recording in English and Danish with text on screen

    when you are walking
    no one is talking

    når du går
    er der ikke nogen der taler

    it was in china corona came
    it's them we blame

    det var i kina corona
    kom det er dem vi beskylder

    when you see your friend
    you hope it's not the end

    når du ser en ven
    håber du det ikke er enden

    when you're home alone
    you listen to post malone

    når vi er alene hjemme
    hører vi post malone

    computers are used
    books are abused

    computere er brugt
    bøger føler sig misbrugt

    Viola's recording (Denmark)

    Sound file in Danish

    Nicklas' bitmoji

    Hello I am Nicklas. I am 13 years old. I have been home for 8 weeks. It all started one evening when my friend, Kristoffer, called me. He said: We don't have to go to school tomorrow. I couldn't believe it but it was true.
    I spent a lot of time doing homework and did Maths, Danish and English. My parents were away working so it felt quite boring most days.

    Home quarantine

    My name Denis and in my Quarantine i Didn't do much. I played with my friends online and i played outside the garden alone and with my brother.
    It's hard to do anyting when you don't have any friend to do it with. Så i did homework and played instead. I watched a movie with my parents. It was boring and sometimes i couldent sleep så i just watched some YouTube

    Ameena's experience and slam lines of Quarantine

    from Latvia

    Some Slam lines by Amelie from Poland

    Currently we’re living in the lockdown
    Because of the quarantine
    We’re stayin’ in our town
    In front of the screen
    We’re tryin’ to chat with the family
    While the time’s passing by
    Some of us are playin’ “Monopoly”
    While the other part is too shy
    Lots of people are bored
    Some of them are tryin’ to think
    And the others are taking up a sport
    While waiting for the end of the spring
    All of us want to be free,
    Finish the coronavirus pandemic
    And in the end throw a big party
    Where we hope to meet real quick

    Some Slam lines by Maciej from Poland

    How do you feel during the lockdown?
    You probably shouldn’t go to the town.
    What’s your mood?
    I advise you, forget all these things and make your day so good.
    Almost everyone sits at the computer every day, that’s our life.
    This is an unusual style.
    When I’m bored, I play sport.
    It’s my duty - wearing a mask.
    I’m already annoyed so I ask:
    When the pandemic finally ends?
    This question may be answered by my friends.
    We’re all fed up with this virus,
    because of this, we’re very nervous.
    We still only hear this suffering and scream,
    so we want to return to a normal life - it’s our dream.
    Each of us sees what is happening in the world, but I won’t cry.
    I’m going to live on and try.
    Positivity is free time, especially for a family.
    People pay more attention to caring for the elderly.

    ,,The Lockdown"-Slam lines by Zosia (Sophie) and Maja from Poland

    The lockdown is going on for some time now,
    Yeah, I don't even know how,
    the summer is starting soon.
    Wait, what?
    What about April and May?
    Mate, it’s June…
    Oh my!
    I woke up one day:
    “oh no” i thought “the exams are today”,
    but in the end, I did my best,
    I read some books, so i won’t fail in any test.
    And I hope to go out very soon,
    you’ll see me someday, in the
    shopping center at the noon.
    This year is a disaster,
    does it really matter?
    It’s all going in the history books;
    oh man, we’re going to ruin the next generations' childhoods..
    Let’s just skip this one
    Oh, yeah,
    it’s getting better… right?

    Slam lines by Weronika from Poland

    I drink coffee in the morning
    I would like to go bowling
    But I must stay at home
    And no one can come
    All day I'm bored
    So I made my room more colored
    The weather is usually bad
    I must be on class chat
    In the evening I read Lovecraft's stories
    I think about summer memories
    I watch series under the blanket
    And I look after my plant, which is scarlet

    Slam lines by Dawid from Poland

    Everyone's stayin' home -
    What's going on?!?
    Everybody's sad -
    This is really bad!
    And I'm really tired,
    I'm going to my bed
    I have a tip, just listen to me!
    When you are bored, do a sport!
    It is very easy, just find a good spot
    There's a stadium, next to my door.
    The school is closed.
    Is it a joke?
    I picked my phone and started a relaxing mode
    I miss my grandpa, I miss my granny
    When I phoned, they were very happy
    They have a garden near the house
    I can go watering the plants
    Or wash the car and help my dad...
    When will IT end???
    I don't know...
    I wish you health,
    Just stay at home!

    Poetry Slam lines by Konrad, from Poland

    I can't take a bus
    'cause covid infected us
    but I don't give up in the hard fight
    I'm not afraid of even a snakebite!
    I used to go to my school,
    Now I am bored at home, so it isn't cool!
    Nobody can do a sport
    I used to go for a walk with my dog,
    But now even my dog
    doesn't want to walk...
    We have to stay at home
    I am absolutely alone
    Without meeting with my friends
    And talking about different subjects.
    Everyone is on the quarantine
    Bad luck, we can't travel to Philippine
    So we are in a big fail
    If we win with covid again ,
    we will win with all the pain!!!

    Poetry Slam lines by Kaja, from Poland

    I’m sitting in the lockdown
    and I feel so bored
    In my mind there's a breakdown,
    I might just do any sport...

    It is only spring
    The beautiful weather outside
    I don't know what summer will bring
    I can’t sleep to midnight

    I play a lot of games
    this is my new hobby
    The world's going down in flames
    And I just wanna be happy!

    This quarantine is making me scream,
    I wanna feel less creepy.
    From time to time I even dream
    About the day when I'll break free!

    Poetry Slam lines by Eryk from Poland

    I'm lying during the lockdown and I'm thinking
    “What will I do when I finally grow?”
    I'm not really sure,
    But I really wanna go outside!
    I'm thinking about this text
    It must be deep, but crack it!
    I'll make some fun and eat some chips
    My mum says “To much fast food!”
    but c’est la vie
    I have too chilled life to eat healthily
    I might die before my 30’s but
    Still I'll be proud 'bout my life
    'Cause I get every sorrows out.

    Poetry Slam lines by Jacob from Poland

    The town is in the lockdown.
    All the world is knocked down.
    I'm staying at home all day.
    Please, coronavirus go away!!!
    There is no time for sport.
    And I am so bored!
    I'm not free,
    And I'm so angry!
    The sun is shining, I want to go out.
    But I must do without.
    The quarantine is dragging on.
    I lost my phone.
    And I am so mad,.
    Because I can’t chat.
    My style of life is really crazy
    But I am too lazy to pull these verses!

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