French partner - Saint Benoît


    Amiral Bouvet High School

    6 Rue Joseph Hubert, Saint-Benoît 97470, La Réunion


    The High school Amiral Bouvet from Reunion island is located in the indian ocean (at 12000 Km from Paris). The school offers the following training card:

    High school diploma

    - Literature, Economy, History

    - Science

    - Technology

    Higher Education

    - A two years course diploma (BTS) 30 students

    - Master's degree in engineering (the first two years) 24 students. Thet have to go to france to finish the last three years.

    European sections

    - Mathematical, History, Engineering science


    The high school contains neraly 900 pupils and students. Courses start à 7h30 and finish at 17h30 from monday to friday. Saturday is reserved for exams.

    We have 200 menbers of staff (ancillary, teachers, administrators) and a boarding school with a capacity of 80 beds.