• Our week in Reunion Island was wonderful and our experience was unforgettable.


    Day 1 :

    During the day 1 ,we presented to students of the school system  of amiral bouvet high school  and we learn about the project of bulding a city of the futur on the west coast of the island


    Day 2 :

    We went to stella  wich is an old sugar factory for a guided tour of the museum and we learned how poduce alcohol. Then we went to kelonia which is a kind of turtle hospital and we saw how they are treated .

    Day 3 :

    At 8h30 we visited an votovolcaic farm on the east cost.We learnt about how solar panels work and how the sun energy is transformed into electricity and it was very impressive because we didn’t we realized in how many process it pass throught to make electricity from sun energy.

    Day 4 :

    We went to the volcano « Piton de la Fournaise ». We were walking to the volcano  for about 2 hours, the nature was so beautiful, the museum  was so interesting and we learned so many things that we didn’t know. In general, the day was 10 out of 10 we really liked the things that we saw.


    Day 5 :

    And to finish, the diary of the week. We went to a mess in Saint-denis and after teachers let us gone everywhere we want and let us done shopping. The afternoon we came back at the school to listen Greece peopels presents their country .