Project planning

  • July  - August 2019  : designing the project

    discussions among the three math teachers Inma from Spain, Odile from France and Daniel from Germany to design the project. The tool was a google doc in three colours to interact and share ideas.



    SPAIN: 8 students

    FRANCE: classes CLIL Math in English Section Européenne

    13 students volunteered to be "pupil administrator" among those below

    - 25 students aged 16, "classe de seconde"

    - 27 students aged 17, "classe de première"

    The French students read the twinspace through its published version.

    GERMANY: 10 students, German partners left the project in January when teachers changed courses.

    September - October : activity 1, Vocabulary for calculations

    Vocabulary in English for calculations lists were shared on page "Vocabulary in English". In order to use this new vocabulary a kahoot game is firstly written par the German teacher, and this game was so sucessfull among the students that they wrote another new kahoot games for the partners, who played in return.

    Activity 1, page "Solving algorithms in English" was designed in order firstly to use the vocabulary, secondly to practice the way of thinking before computer programming. Algorithms are texts of instructions to be followed step by step to reach a result, here one's birthday date. Transnational student teams are built in here by doing, see subpages.

    November - December : activity 2, a method to approximate pi number

    Based on an activity written by the Spanish teacher, all partners experience the Monte Carlo method in probabilities to approximate the value of pi number. This method is a counter intuitive idea since pi number is usually related to the circle and geometry and not to calculating probabilities of events in a trial.

    January - February : activity 3, more experiences to approximate pi

    Based on a new activity written by teh Spanish teacher, some students experience the Monte Carlo method but this time in three dimensional space.

    Simultaneously younger students in France launch another activity to share some new vocabulary in geometry ending by a trilingual dictionnary in French, Spanish and English givng full sentences frequently used in math reasonings.

    March - May : activity 4, poems about pi

    Students share some poems in English, in French, in Spanish written as mnemonics to memorise the first decimals of pi. Indeed pi being an irrational number once calculated in real its decimals never follow any logic scheme such as repeating in cycles for example. Memorizing them is the only way to say them.