Ocean and sea warming

  • Ocean warming and sea level rise

    The ocean covers 70% of Earth's surface and plays a starring role in whatever happens with the environment. One big part of its role is to soak up energy (heat) and distribute it more evenly around the Earth. Another part is to soak up CO2.
    How does our ocean affect climate?

    Read the article  on NASA website and explore the NOAA website


    How do rising water temperatures influence sea levels?

    Read this article  and watch the video on NOAA website

    How sea level is measured? Watch this video

    Other lessons and esperiments are in this page

    Watch this video  Turtle Journey: the crisis in our oceans

    Watch this video  Sea level rise


                               And now at work!

     Look at the pahe 'Climate Detectivell' to learn about Earth monitoring


    1) Transnational group

         Study sea level rise - worksheet


    Students worksheet.docx


     2) National group

         Study coastal erosion -

    Historical imagery.docx


    3) Transnational group

       Upload your research on Google Earth

       Open the project Coastal Analysis and add your research in your area

    You can see our results on Google Earth