Twintales 15-16 : Cinderella - parody

  • Twintales 15-16 : CINDERELLA – a parody

       Collaborateurs :                              

    -Arsen Vukušić, Sara Salopek, Klaudia Mudrovčić, Gimnazija Bernardina Frankopana Ogulin, CROATIA

    -Asma Abidi , Najah Diouani, Lycée Haffouz, Haffouz, TUNISIA

    - Mariana Lourenço, Agrupamento de Escolas de Sátão, PORTUGAL

    - Dr. İlhami Tankut Anatolian High School, Antalya, TURKEY


    This is the story based on the Cinderella fairytale


     Beginning of the story and contributor:
    Arsen Vukušić, Gimnazija Bernardina Frankopana, Ogulin, CROATIA
    Cinderella lives with her stepmother and two bad and ugly stepsisters. She has to work all day and her sisters only play video games and try on new dresses and shoes.
    There is a ball at te prince's palace tonight and Cinderella's stepsisters are ready to go to it.
    Cinderella is sad. She can't go to the ball. Suddently a good pig comes to her house. “Don't worry, Cinderella“ he said. He uses his magic mallet and slappeher on the head. In a moment Cinderella has a beautiful black mini skirt and a dragon ready to take her to the ball. “But remember” says the , pig. “You must come back before midnight, because you will turn into a pumpkin  after midnight”.
    Cinderella is at the palace. There are many pretty young ladies but she looks the prettiest of all. The prince has  danced with her during the whole time because he was seduced by her large blue eyes . Nobody knows the name of the beauty.
    When the clock strikes twelve Cinderella runs away without saying goodbye. She leaves a beautiful little shoe with high heels on the stairs because she broke the heel and  could not walk. The prince is very unhappy. He sits on the palace stairs with Cinderella’s shoe in his hand. ”Where is my girl?” he thinks.
    Now the spell is gone and Cinderella is a poor girl again dressed in her old clothes.
    The prince and his men go around the kingdom and look for the beautiful lady from the ball. They  come to Cinderella’s house. The ugly sisters are ready to try on the little heel  but their feet are too big . Stepmother is furious. Then Cinderella puts on the heel. It fits
    The prince says: “You are my beautiful dancer. I want you to be a my wife “.
    There is a big wedding party at the palace. Cinderella and the prince are happy. They have so many guests. There is the king, the queen and the good pig. They all dance and have lots of good things to eat.
    After the wedding there was a time on the wedding night. Cinderella was all happy and excited. Too excited  to care  about her heart. She's had a heart attack. Prince couldn't believe it and was so sad and coudn't stop crying so he brings a tough decision.
     In honor of Cinderella he will be ordained and become a reverend.
    Beginning of the story and contributor:
    Arsen Vukušić, Sara Salopek, Klaudia Mudrovčić Gimnazija Bernardina Frankopana, Ogulin, CROATIA
    All residents in this country are so sad, they can't forget Cenderella, her picture is every where, all women give to their new born girls the name of Cendrella. And when they grow up they tell them about the story of this beautiful girl. They was so excited and proud of their name and tell their friends at school about this stroy.
    Anybody hear about the prince, He becomes old and can't forget this exceptionnel girl with beautiful face and a wonderful heart! He decided to build a monastery  with the name of Cendrella and he spends all his life in this monastery.
    The young girls who have the name of Cendrella dream about te charming prince who can appear in their life like Cendrella. Sometime, they go to the monastery and ask the old prince about how becaoming like Cendrella. 
    He always told all the girl to have a big heart, help the others and don't be selfish like stepsisters of Cendrella.
    Asma Abidi and Najah Diouani, Lycée Haffouz, Haffouz, Tunisia
    It will be very nice if we can have another  version of this story, waiting for your student dear Maria,,Godd luck
    This version 2 proposed by Mariana Lourenço
    So, he rode off miles and miles until he found an old monastery. The Prince was hosted by the monks and priests who lived there and taught him the word of God. He learned how to live with humility and without any kind of luxury. He dedicated his life to God to forget the loss of his love. One day the barbarians attacked and plundered the monastery and the Prince had to run away, so he packed his things and left the place. He was all alone and he didn’t have any place to go to, so he rode north and tried to find a place to sleep. After riding for long hours, he finally found a small village. It was late at night and there was no living soul on the streets. He heard some noise coming from a small building and opened its door. It was a tavern. There was lots of people drinking beer and laughing loud, but when the Prince entered everyone stared at him and stopped talking to each other. Then a strong man appeared in his front and suddenly with an aggressive tone ordered “I’m John and I’m the owner of this tavern and I demand you to tell me who you are and what you are doing here”. The Prince didn’t want to cause any trouble so he replied: “I’m just a man who was once somebody and that is now a man who lost everything and I’m here just to find a place to sleep”. John looked back to his fellows and they all started laughing and then he said happily: “You’re welcome here! You seem very tired, how about a drink?”. The Prince was very tired indeed, but he just wanted to sleep so he asked John if he could find him a place to sleep. So he took him to his house. The house seemed cosy and modest and when they entered they were immediately received by his family: his wife Rosa and his beautiful daughter Sophia. The Prince was enchanted by Sophia, but he was still mourning for Cinderella. The Prince stayed at John’s house for months and during that time Sophia started falling in love with him. John noticed his daughter’s feelings for the Prince so he had a little talk with him. 
    “I know that my daughter is deeply in love with you, so if you don’t love her you must leave my house. You’re a great friend to me but I don’t want to see Sophia with a broken heart. I’ll give you a day to decide”. The Prince wasn’t sure about his feelings for Sophia as he was afraid of forgetting Cinderella with his new love. Therefore, he locked himself in his room and slept on the matter. That night he had a strange dream. He dreamt that he was visited by Cinderella’s soul and that she said that he mustn’t forget her and she loves him for all the eternity. She even added that if he betrayed her something bad would happen to him. After that dream, the Prince knew he had to choose between Cinderella’s spirit and Sophia knowing that something bad could happen to her. That morning he came to Sophia’s room and told her that he loved her and that he wanted to marry her. He also told her his sad story and they both agreed that the wedding should happen in the Prince’s castle. So they came to the castle and the royal family was glad to see that the Prince was happy again. After the wedding, the couple went to Brazil on their honeymoon. One day, Sophia wanted to buy some dresses at the mall and when she was driving she saw a ghost of a gorgeous blue eyed girl, she got distracted on the road and she got hit by a truck. She was taken to the hospital but it was too late and she had cerebral death. There wasn’t anything to be done. And once again the Prince lost his love but he knew this time was Cinderella’s fault and that she wouldn’t let him be happy again. He bought a powerful poison and drank it.
    Mariana Lourenço, Agrupamento de Escolas de Sátão, Portugal
    But he didn't die and had to live in a wheelchair. He was very sorry and depressed. He had to live sadly and alone. Because the soul of Cindrella didn't allow him to love another woman and be happy. In fact he loved her deeply and couldn't get angry with her. He knew that Cindrella was his destiny even if she died. 
    So he decided to live alone and he went to a church in a distance country and continued his life without seeing any woman till the end of his life. But in the end he died happliy seeing Cindrella's ghost at the moment of death.
    By İlkay ÇEKİRDEK and her students, Antalya- Turkey