Z.U.M.T.A.L. Bozüyük(TR) Stork Migration (Photos My Students Took)

  • There are four storks on a lamppost.Tress and fields are full of storks.They can't find a place to relax. Because of the increase in settlements on birds' migration routes,They can't find a place to relax.

    Something was coiled up to ıts leg .I wish I had set it free :-((


    My student Ahmet saw the dead stork in a field near the main road.Poor stork :-(


    While travelling by public transport,my student took this photo.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  It was taken  from a cafe while drinking coffee by one of my student...

    4 th of April, These storks visited Bozüyük. They were our guests from the skies.