Z.U.M.T.A.L Bozüyük(TR) Birdwatching Workshop And Birdwatching Activity (Dodurga Dam)

  • From our workshop before the observation with my students

    In this workshop, I informed my students about the first observation in Dodurga Dam.It was held in my school conference hall.

    We learned 'What equipment are needed?,What is the most important thing while observing the birds in nature? ...and also we examined past observations in Dodurga Dam to get information about what kind of birds we can see during our observation.

     We took all our allowances and our Bozüyük Municipality supported us ,Thanks to their support and our school headmaster's support ,at half past nine ,our trip started.

    It took nearly half hour to arrive there.On 19th March ,2019 With A mathematics  teacher ,14  students and  one of the parents of my student, we reached  the place.They are very excited :-)))

    We observed herons .


    Merve and her mother  were observing birds.

    Elif drew the pictures of the birds she saw.

    Esra Z. also was drawing the bird she saw.

    It's diving now.

    They searched out the birds they observed from the book of a birdswatcher.

    Our students made pictures of birds they saw during bird watching as black pencil works.

    They took photos of the other animals also.

    When we got tired ,We had a break to eat something.

    We are worried about the pollution.Unfortunatelly ,people are not aware of the danger. 

    At the end of the trip, we collected all the rubbish around.

    It's really very different experience for us.