(CZ) Bird Mortality

  • Birds illegally killed is a problem especially for large migrating birds.
    Look at the graph.

    But most birds die in a collision with the glass walls !!!
    It is a problem especially for small birds.

    On the left - bad glass wall ( birds of prey silhouettes are not effective)
    On the right - better glass wall after repair

    When you find a dead bird in the Czech Republic, you can make its photo and put it in the database. Here is the map of dead birds.

    Causes: sklo/glass, doprava/traffic, elektřina / electricity, onemocnění / illness, ptačí kriminalita / bird criminality

    In the Czech Republic people can monitor good or bad bus stops.

    bad bus stop

    good bus stop

    Map with good and bad bus stops you can see here.

    These children from kindergarten in Prague made a safe bus stop. They gave many colorful stickers on bus stop walls.


    e-book Ptáci a skla ( Brids and glass)



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