Z.U.M.T.A.L. Bozüyük (TR) Birdwatching Activity (Küçükelmalı-Bozcaarmut)

  • Here is Bozcaarmut .Back part of the photo ;My school headmaster(Tuncer Ö.) and his wife (Sevim Ö.), left side of the photo ;my student Merve's mother (and near her is one of the teachers our school who is a nature lover.(Fehime P.) and me :)) Unfortunately ,We didn't see any birds here but we listened their songss :)

    Here is Küçükelmalı Pond.Luckily ,we saw two little mallards.But they are far away from us.We  hardly took one of theirs photo.Because we did not have sufficent  and suitable equipment ,we couldn't focus the bird enough.

    When we got tired, We stopped to eat something.It is really different activity for us.

    On the way to our home ,we visited Kınık Village. Here is famous for pottery. Our students got information about pottery.