(CZ) First Feburary observation

  • Observation in Poodří

    On Friday 15-02-2019 after the school I observated bird in protected landscape area Poodří with two students Michal and Lukáš. They aren't students of my school. They study in other schools in Frýdek-Místek. 

    Protected landscape area Poodří is the area around the Odra river. There are lakes, wet meadows, unregulated meanderig river.

    Part of lakes was frosen so there were few birds on the lake.

    In the spring, a lot of birds fly over this area, so we'll go there later.

    Observation in Olešná

    On Monday 18-02-2019 I observed bird in Olešná lake. Olešná lake is behind the city Frýdek-Místek.

    The birds were far from me. I do not have a good camera, so the photos are bad
    quality. I like bird watching but I don't like make photo.

    I saw:
    a) Larus
    b) Anas platyrhynchos
    c) Mergus merganser
    d) Ardea cinerea
    e) Cygnus olor


    We know theMergus merganser and Anas platyrhynchos  from a long distance along the beak.

    Different food, different beak.

    Lukáš Bjolek



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