(CZ) Lessons in the nature - Višňovka

  • 10th-11th April 2019 - the class 2.A went to Vyšní Lhoty - the hut Višňovka.

    In the wednesday forenoon, we've been recognizing the birds' voices.

    We know these birds according to their voices:

    a common chiffchaff

    a mallard

    a white wagtail

    a european green woodpecker

    a common buzzard

    a eurasian nuthatch

    The same day in the noon, we've been recognizing the water insects - food of birds.

    Our document of wather insect you can see HERE

    On Thursday, in the morning, we were doing some physical measurement - light refraction in the water

    Document of the physical measurement you can see HERE


    Photos from lessons in nature (Višňovka 2019) you can see HERE