• Let's start the project in a creative and engaged way!

    OPTION 1:

    Students will come inside the class and will find a postcard with this message:

    Dear boys and girls:

    Do you want to solve the riddles and discover an amazing surprise today?

    Yes? then, let's start: open the envelope and solve the riddles. Good luck!

    W: what is at the end of a rainbow?

    E: the begiinning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end and the end of every place.

    A: What letter is the most prominent of the ALPHABET?

    R: It is in a rock but not in stone, it is in narrow but not in bone, it is in bolster but not in bed, it's not in the living and not in the dead.

    E: I appear twice in a week, never in a month, once in a year

    A: Which letter of the alphabet is dead in "dead"?

    R: What is in the middle of paris but it is not in the middle of London?

    T: What letter is a drink?

    -Flashcards with the letters of the alphabet will be displayed around the class. Once they guess the riddles they have to guess: WE ARE ART

    Behind the flashcards of these letters, there will be the flags of the participant countries, in another one ( 2018-2019)  and also the eTwinning logo, so they will discover we will do an eTwinning project about ART during 2018-2019.

    These letters can be used later on to decorate a corner in the class about WE ARE ART project.

    Take photos of the activities and we will do a single video with all the experiences of all countries.

    ( Find a copy of the riddles and flags in "materials - files"

    OPTION 2:

    - Preapre a postcard with the name of the project in front and inviting the kids to join a group from different parts of Europe to work together and discover and become great artists!

    Deadline: 12th October

    Here is the puzzle from France. We have just begun yesterday. We discovered the countries we are going to work with.
    We have decorated a copybook with all kind of arts and the we decided for the puzzle.



    The Catalan team had great fun discovering the project and then decorating the letters for the class corner!

    Enjoy the video of our adventure looking for  the hidden riddles in the class and solving the jigsaw on the computers!

    Hello France, hello Itaqly, hello Greece, hello Finland and hello Ukraine. We feel so happy and proud to be part of this great eTwinning team!!!

    Once we discovered that our project will be about ART we started decorating the letters and preparing the corner for the class:



    Here we are !The children have started to become familiar with the project and they are very happy to cooperate with the European peers !!! Greetings from Italy!!!


                                         Our poster



    We divided in groups and solved the riddles. Some of them were really difficult but we managed to do it!  The pictures were really helpful! It was very exciting!!!


    The Netherlands

    All 48 of our pupils managed to crack the code!  It was very exciting!!!