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  • About the project

    The aim of our project is to create an escape game on the topic of science. Students will have to team up in order to create the different riddles and tasks that will be part of the game.


    Students will develop their science vocabulary (CLIL) while improving their language and computer skills. They will have to interact with their partners to create the different part of the escape game.

    Work process

    Icebreaking activities will help getting to know their partners. They will then have to advertise their national groups to team up with teams from other countries. They will present their schools. They will learn how to create puzzles in different fields (PE / Science / English culture / Literature / their own country, etc ...). They will have to create a storyboard in collaboration with their partners.

    Expected results

    An Escape Game will be created and played in all the participating countries. A group of French students will also be in charge of collecting the information to create an App on Android.