8. Second LTTA with students, Ljubljana, May 2019

  • During the week of 6 - 10 May 2019 the second transnational students meeting (L/T/T) of the project took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Four students and a teacher from each visiting partner school from Spain, Italy, Germany and France took part in the meeting together with the local students and teachers.

    The focus of the second meeting was to enhance students entrepreneurial skills and competences, which was achieved through workshops that were carried out at Ekonomska šola Ljubljana as well as at Center of innovative entrepreneurhip (which is part of largest Slovenian bank - Nova Ljubljanska banka). 

    Students were able to gain insight and gain hands-on experience of how to build a startup team (through various team building activities), how to generate business ideas (by trying out various methods for generating ideas), and how to apply Business Model Canvas and Design Thinking approach to develop the idea that is both - feasable and innovative. 

    Finally, students learned how to prepare business idea presentation that follows a structure expected by venture capital funds (where the presenters must first identify a problem, and then move to the solution to it).

    During a trip we also visited a successful company "Postojnska jama", where their marketing manager explained us their marketing and retail strategy and their plans for the future.


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