10. Interactive map

  • Interactive map of the emblematic stores of our cities

    During this project, in all the cities we have hosted an LTTA we have organized a treasure hunting activity to discover and to locate the emblematic stores in the city centers. 

    It has been challenging for the organizers (the students hosting the LTTA) and motivating for the international teams that were discovering the European heritage step by step in a different way. 


    Our will was to have these routes online, free and public from everywhere in Europe with the help of an interactive map hosted in Mobile History Map (part of the program of mSchools hold by Mobile World Capital) in this website:  https://mhm.mobileworldcapital.com/en/biblioteca

    Unfortunately, this cannot be technically done because there is no access to this platform from some of the countries of EU. We discovered it in Slovenia while we were trying to do our second map. 

    Here we leave you the activity we enjoyed in our LTTA in Barcelona in case can be useful for your school:

    EMBLEMATIC STORES ROUTE in Barcelona.pdf