16. The game

  • So during this project, we have realized that the job market in Europe valued a lot the fact that the workers were aware of their own soft skills.

    This statement was obvious for global companies and was widely recognized all around the world but: what about the retailers? Can be true that soft skills are also important for retail trade too?

    With this big question, our schools started working in this project in October 2018, interviewing retailers for the emblematic shops in the city centers of big and small cities all around Europe, reviewing what entrepreneurs in different countries needed to start a new business, talking among themselves and, finally, drawing a conclusion in 2019… Soft skills are very important to enter the job market!

    This acknowledgment made us worked in the planning of a game in order to approach this knowledge to the secondary and VET school students.

    By gamification of the most important soft skills in retail, the future workers in this trade (that right now are students in secondary and VET schools) will be able to arrive at the job market in excellent conditions, ready to be the best retailers in Europe.

    So here we present our game, ready to be printed in every school around Europe, prepared to spread the European spirit and ready to help European teachers to prepare their students to beat and win in the competitive future job market.




    16.1. How we arrive at the final game.

    16.2 Web-App: game online!

    16.3 The Board Game