12. Transnational project meeting in Hamburg September 2019

  • The Teacher Meeting in Hamburg started with relaxed get-together. You could tell that the project has already created bonds between the members. After everyone settled in, the group was welcomed by a speech given by the headmastress oft he BS02, Ms. Irmtraud Oldenbusch. She pointed out the importance of international projects life „Soft Skills in Retail“ for the personal development of the participants and the creation of a mutual understanding of each others culture.

    Afterwards the visiting teachers got to know some facts and figures about Hamburg and the BS02 by playing an online quiz. Everbody seemed to have fun!

    Afterwards the intense work started. The group debated how the next steps of the program should be executed, the next student meeting in France was organized and the last student meeting was evaluated. All in all, a lot of work had to be done to make sure that the next student meeting is also a sucess.    That also meant that we had to pay a lot of attention to the details.

    Of course, there was also room for recreation: We had a lunch at the canteen together and dinner at a restaurant near the Alster.

    The next day the work on the project continued. We focused on the boardgames, we discussed aspects like the type of questions, instruction for the students, the layout of the boards and many more. In the end we had to plan how the boards could be completed by the students at the upcoming students meeting in France.

    Late in the afternoon the participants joined an educational harbour boat tour, since  the port of Hamburg is not only the economic heart of the city but it is also a big draw for tourists and locals.

    To come to a full circle the day ended with a dinner and vivid chats on a boat which lies in the port of Hamburg.