April - May - June 2019: The best project and evaluation

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    2) Project evaluation: pupils

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    Most pupils said that they liked the project, they improved their school, they learned from other partners and they improved their skills. Of course, they would like to participate in another eTwinning project. We too!!!

    3) Project evaluation: teachers (please leave your final comment about the project on the TwinBoard)

  • Teachers' opinion

    Manuela Casasoli

    I really enjoyed the project, although it was hard enough trying to coordinate everything! However, I would like to thank you all the partners for their valuable commitment to carry out very interesting projects. I learned a lot from all of you. All the material uploaded here is extremely useful and all of us will take inspiration from. My students appreciated your work. Many questions arose in their mind, their curiosity was stimulated by your videos and pictures. This is what we were looking for! I also want to underline that a summer project will be held in my school based on the results obtained in this one (please see the link to the project's blog). We will continue to improve our school...
    Thank you so much, hoping you enjoyed the project as well!

    Daniela Guimarães

    I think this project is someway innovative in eTwinning. Instead of doing similar work, we were working together to improve each one's schools, developing different projects. At the same time it was fabulous to learn with all of you and to see that we can always try to do our best for our school and students. Besides, the Portuguese project was amazing in the way that, for the first time in our school, we had so many Math teachers working in collaboration in an eTwinning project. I hope we can develop other projects in the future. Thanks for all of your amazing work and a special thank you for Manuela, who was the main responsible for this group of teachers.

    Jean-Noël Pédeutour

    I really liked the idea of this project and the way to organise it : the first ideas, the suggestions and the final decision about the improvement projects. My pupils were very enthousiastic and full of ideas, I had to limit them a bit!
    Thank you so much Manuela for guiding us all along this process! I hope we can work together again in the future!

    Maria Petrescu

    This project was very interesting and we enjoyed doing it. In our school we had teachers and students thinking at STEM activities, trying to show to the others what practical applications has STEM and how we can use it in everyday life. On the other hand we have seen many other interesting projects to our partners from which we have learned a lot. It was like a celebration of STEM. Thank you Manuela for the good coordination of this complex project, and thanks to all partners, teachers and students, for the good collaboration and for everything you have done for this project!

    Alberto Camarinha

    For the first time working on an etwinning project, although I did not follow the work of the other projects very regularly, since I spent a lot of my time in ours, I feel that this work of exchanging ideas and knowing the projects carried out is very rewarding for the teaching practice and for the students.
    I thank everyone who helped me to take this first step.

    Susana Leal

    Participating in the eTwinnig STEM project, working with schools from other countries, exchanging and sharing ideas, learning about other realities, was undoubtedly very enriching. It should be noted that I was surprised by the performance of our students in this project, with the commitment and the competitive attitude to which they were targeted, promoting, a taste for the subject and a possible improvement of the school results on Maths.

    Idalina Oliveira

    I believe that having the opportunity to participate in this project was very fulfilling.
    It was an excellent experience due to the sharing of ideas and the collaborative work this project has provided. The students were very receptive to the given activities and
    it was very helpful to be aware of the dynamics of other projects.

    Ayşe Şimşek

    First of all, I would like to express my satisfaction with working with you in this beautiful project. In this project, students have the opportunity to work interdisciplinary, have the opportunity to develop their mathematical skills, develop international communication, develop ICT and language skills, have the opportunity to express themselves in a different way and have gained various achievements in many fields. In this respect, I would like to state that I am very pleased to meet our founding partners and all the friends in the project and to work together. See you in other projects.

    Arminda Sampaio

    Making part of the eTwinning STEM project remained an inventive and elevating experience as collaborative work practices were shared with the purpose of developing our teaching practices. Regrettably, I feel that my students have not totally embraced this assignment. I expect that in the future this situation will be amended, once emerging projects like this, enhances our school and updates the teaching methods.

    Jorge G. Sousa

    I think the project has the great propose to involve a school community in order to enhance knowledge. On the other hand is an away to improve interest of students and therefore they could be more participative in anyone projects. Honestly, I should spend more time in this project; however I had not the opportunity of working with all my pupils.