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    RESFEBE is a game created by the representation of words or groups of letters, numbers and pictures.

    RESFEBE is derived from the words Picture and Alphabet.

    How to prepare RESFEBE

    RESFEBE is very important because it is prepared by blending words, letters, numbers and pictures and gives students different perspectives besides high level thinking.

    Now we will talk to you about some commonly used tips when preparing RESFEBE.

    When preparing RESFEBE, all channels suitable for the child's age can be used.

    * Letters and numbers available.

    * Images can be reversed for some words.

    * Parts of the human body can be used.

    * Math symbols are available.

    * Syllables can be created by dividing the visuals.

    * Music related visuals are available.

    * Syllable colors, positions, postures can be used.

    * Some of the images can reduce or add letters.
    * We can use some computer icons.

    * In some syllables, a new word can be derived by writing different syllables.