Italy - Our Creative Atelier

  • January 14th, 2019

    Meeting at 15:50 p.m to assembly the robots!

    We have already started something...

    January 20th, 2019

    Deadline for the following task.

    Partners can make suggestions to Italian pupils!

    Here the links:

    January 28th, 2019

    What we have done last January 14th...

    Pupils have proposed ideas for activities and guidelines on how to use our atelier. As soon as possible we will make a summary for all partners.

    February-March-April 2019

    Here ideas and rules proposed by pupils.

    Sofia Antonelli

    Our creative Atelier should be used in the afternoon during optional sessions dedicated to robotics and coding, 3D printing and greenhouse experiments.

    Eleonora Bardhi

    We could use our 3D printer for printing chemical formula as H2O or others. This could help us to remember them.

    Our Atelier is a pretty small place, so we should go there forming small groups.

    Rossana Bartolini

    We could use a site like this one: to find project and files ready to print out!

    Instruction about how to use the robots should have available in the Atelier room for everyone. Pupils can write a clear and short user manual!

    Cristina Catana

    We could spend some of the scheduled time for mathematics and science in the atelier.

    I found some ideas here:

    Sharon Chukwurah

    Our robots should be similar to some "people" that we know very well. Harry Potter, for instance?!

    We could use the 3D printer for a 3D diorama of our school (classes with teachers and pupils inside...).

    Giuseppe Cozza

    We can program our robots to play games.

    Michele Fini

    Our robots could be used for coding contests among pupils.

    We can find ideas here:

    Ruth Gballou

    We should use robots as assistants in each class. How? We should code their voice to repeat rules to follow!

    Pupils should be responsible for Creative Atelier.

    Irene Guerri

    We should use the 3D printer to produce objects useful for understanding mathematics and science.

    Samuele Hasa

    The 3D printer could be used to print rulers, compasses and squares.

    If something is broken in the atelier, it must be bought again. You break it, you pay it!

    Pupils have to strictly follow the teachers' instructions.

    Annamaria Ieriti

    No more than one class in the atelier. We should carefully schedule the use of this room.

    We schould print objects useful for pupils.

    Chiara Marini

    Some ideas for the 3D printer here:

    Tommaso Mascia

    We should use the mBOT tutorial to learn all the coding options available.

    Lorenzo Mignini

    Here a website to learn:

    We can use robots for learning how to code.

    Ilaria Monni

    Here some web site for ideas:

    We can use coding activity with robots for learning English.

    Noor Pani

    Here a useful web site:

    We can also study how a 3D printer is currently used in science and print something with ours.

    Lucrezia Rainoldi

    Here a web site that is very interesting:

    About our creative atelier, we have to prepare a list of devices and materials, write rules for using robots, make a list of possible activities and proposal by pupils. All materials have to be checked out once a week.

    Walid Seklafi

    We should use the 3D printer to make objects like chains that are braided together. It is very nice!

    Here an interesting reading:

    Something about the 3D printers:

    Alessia Sulkaj

    We should print cubes, pyramids, and other solids.

    May 2019

    Our next activities...

    May 14th: 3D Printer setting.

    May 22nd:

    TinkerCad ( sofwtare use and printing.

    Jimu robot programming.

    May 14th, 2019

    3D Printer setting. Next week, pupils will design a 3D logo as a prize for the winner class in our final sports competitions.

    May 22nd, 2019

    A great day! Pupils enjoyed two activities: one with the 3D printer and another one with JIMU robots. Here the tasks, the "diploma" (one example) and some pictures. Soon we will upload a video!

    June 2019

    Here you can see the final "Trofeo", designed by Rossana Bartolini, printed by class 3D, colored by Prof.ssa Federica Albizi. It was won by the first classified in the school's sports competitions.

    The project...

    The draft...

    The final printing...

    The final Trofeo...

    June 2019

    Here our final video! A special thank you to the class 3D.