• Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. They were very useful and we will take them into consideration when we will carry on our project.

    We integrated in our project the following suggestions:

    - Quizzes with different levels of difficulty in order to make them accessible also to students that are not so good in maths. Answering the quizzes, they will improve! (Nikolo Hasa) This suggestion was the most voted.

    - Groups for quizzes. (Nadia Saracutu) 

    - Putting  a QR in the magazine to play games. (Titouan Crenn)

    Our project:

    We will take into consideration also the next suggestions for the future math activity in our school:

    - Promoting online quizzes and games dealing with math concepts. (Rossana Bartolini and Sofia Antonelli)

    - Coding with SCRATCH. (Lucrezia Rainoldi)

    - Using online programs where students can play while they learn during the math lessons. (Cristina Catana)