Asstra Visitation

  • Project „Shipping of goods beyond the EU borders” – visitation in Asstra

    On Friday 7/12/2018, students of the IIIs class had a meeting
    with the transport and logistics company Asstra Polska Sp. z o.o.

    Vitali Eremenco – Deputy Director of Operations for Road Transport – planned a meeting in such a way that the students saw organization of the company: distribution of forwarding departments, sales, accounting, HR (human resources), PR (public relations) and management positions.
    Students spent the most time in the forwarding department discussing the organization of transport and solving problematic situations.
    Then we met with forwarding agents on the following lines: German, Central Europe and Southeastern Europe.
    We discussed the practical part of the project prepared in advance by the students. We received valuable tips that we’ll use.