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    Our school was founded in 1961 and soon it was moved to the building at ul. Kolektorska with which she was associated for many years. This was also the usual name of the school: "collector's". The street name comes from the sewage collector built at the beginning of the 20th century running under the street. A school building came from this period. In the interwar period, it housed a primary (primary) school. During the Warsaw Uprising, German units were stationed in the building, which attacked the insurgents. The Germans defended themselves hard and they barricaded themselves in the attic. The insurgents expeled them with fire - burning gym equipment. The Germans were killed and the school building burned down. Since the war, this building - despite renovations - has always had some drawbacks, but in addition to them an unforgettable atmosphere and charm of the historic building located in the park complex.

    The second name of our school is "economics" because economics was his specialty for many years until the system changed. In the school chronicle, we can see pictures from this period, that's how pupils, girls and boys looked. One of the first entries concerns the meeting of students with the famous Soviet astronaut Valentina Tiereszkowa. She was very popular in Poland, a special song was written about her (Walentyna twist - sang Karin Stanek).

    In 1967, Stanisław Staszic became the patron of our school, the famous Polish economic activist of the Enlightenment.

    In the 1990s, most-known graduate Albert Sosnowski finished the school. He was most famous Polish heavyweight boxers of recent years. A world champion of one of the professional boxing federations, a pretender to another champion but lost to Vitaly Klitschko.

    The political breakthrough of 89 was not happy for the school. Polish educational authorities have massively eliminated schools that teach the profession, creating general high schools in their place. The school also stood in front of the real ghost of closing. There were suspicions that the authorities were mainly concerned about an attractive property in a quiet residential area of ​​Warsaw. Then the teachers undertook a decisive action by moving the springs known to them. Local authorities have withdrawn from their decision. School survived and the director was one of the group of fighting teachers Mrs. Ewa Gumieniak - who is still the director.

    The school was saved, however it lost its flagship field of education: economy. In exchange, IT and tourism profiles were created. Then the economy was restored.

    Last years a lot of our students take part in many European projects such as Leonardo and Erasmus +. Youth - IT specialists and economists - go to work in Germany and Great Britain, to cities such as Dresden, Berlin, London, Cork. We owe these trips to the EU institutions and to the economics teacher, Mrs. Polewczyk. The school also has successes in sports: the championship of Warsaw in basketball and high places in other team games: volleyball, football and running. It also gets diplomas and certificates from various organizations.

    In 2011, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the school. This year, we moved from the existing building at Kolektorska st (the building was too small) to the new at Perzyńskiego st next to the park.

    The school currently has 6 computer rooms (including one server studio), 2 laptop classes, a recently renovated gymnasium. Our school has over 550 students.

    The forwarding is the newest faculty of education. This year, the school ends first year of forwarders. We hope that Ms. Dessus, who has extensive professional experience in forwarding and logistics as well as pedagogical talents - which is not always accompanied by each other - will be the leader of this profile team, contributing to the development of the school.

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