First Meeting/How to prepare a project

  • First Meeting

    We have started the international project "Shipping of goods beyond the EU borders". This project is realizing as part of the eTwinning program - the core activity of the European Commission's eLearning Program co-financed by the Erasmus + program. We can learn more about the program from the following websites: and The aim of our project is to create a guide on how to export goods from the EU outside its borders. The partner school in the project is Technical High School from Romania. The project participants from our side are selected pupils of the second and third class profile of the forwarding technician and class III B profile of IT technician, and from the Romanian side, students of the transport profile. The project was initiated by a video-conference lasting about 40 minutes between students and teachers of our schools. The first "breaking the ice" is behind us. We have read, shortly discussed the history of schools and curiosities of their lives regarding apprenticeships, sports events, the number of girls in transport and forwarding class. We discussed the project plan and materials needed to be prepared for the next meeting via the internet.

    Good luck to all participants!

    How to prepare a project

    List of the questions that we consider in our meeting in class:

    • - Choose the border for each group, prepare the map and underline the border what you will analyze
    • - What kind of documents do you need : (TIR, CMR, EX-1, What kind of permit do you need to across the borders; do you need a convoy to go through a country)
    • - After when material will be ready You need to find a forwarding company, custom agency, whose will check the list of the documents
    • - Also is very important topic: How to fill up all these documents.
      • - For example : in international consignment note CMR For Belarus and Russia you need to fill up a name and address of customs in a point 13. Without this information you could have a problem during crossing the borders EU/RUS, EU/BY. Ukraine don’t need this information, but for the Ukraine you need the document PP or PD (PP – papiaredniaye pavedamlennie – previous notification) this document has to prepare RECIPIENT of the goods. In the document recipient inform the customs on the border, that waiting for these goods, and all TAX will be paid on unloading place. PD this is previous declaration.
    • - The information you need to find by yourself (Internet, people who already work in transport organisation. All way will be good. And you will received the good experience.
    • - The most important : If you will choose wrong way, you will make mistakes.  Don’t worry. It’s doesn’t mean that you are bad. It mean that now you have more new experiences. All experiences(wrong or correct) always GOOD !!!