Transportation of goods to Belarus, Ukraine and Russia

  •      The necessary documents for international goods transport for registered cars in Romania are set by law.

          In this respect, the Order no. 598/1999 of the Ministery of Transport.

          For goods transport outside the territory of Romania the following acts are required :

         1. the transport license accompanied by the specifications (xerox copy), targeted for the current year the representative of the Romanian Road Authority - A.R.R. who issued it;

        2. the execution license for international transport (original );

        3. the vehicle registration certificate, accompanied by the technical inspection sheet;

         4. driving license of the driver;

         5. tachograph diagram for freight cars with a plyload of more than 3,5 tonnes;

         6. civil insurance and green card, carried out by an insurance company in Romania;

          7. documents accompanying the goods(invoices, notices,etc.);

           8. international transport letter - CMR;

           9. TIR carnet (if traveling under the TIR Convention);

           10. the customs approval certificate(if traveling under the TIR Convention);

            For the transport of goods to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, there are bilateral treaties which set a number of authorizations for each year.

            Thus for the year 2018, Ministry of Transport of Romania has distributed the following authorizations:

    The country Symbol Authorization type - value in trafic


    Belarus BY Bilateral and transit,free of charge 3400
    Belarus BY Third country,no pay 500
    Russia RU Bilateral and transit, free of charge 9200
    Russia RU Third country, no pay 2800
    Ukraina RU Bilateral and transit, free of charge 15500
    Ukraina RU Third country, no pay 3000