Presentation of Costesti Technological Highschool - Romania

  • Presentation of Costesti Technological Highschool - Romania

    Presentation of Costesti Technological Highschool - Romania


    Technological Highschool functions in Costesti, a town placed at 25 kilometres far from Pitesti city, in the south of Arges County.

       The first documentary attestation was on 5th August 1542, during the reign of Wladislaw, the prince of Wallachia. Costesti was officially declared a town on 1st June 1968.

       Since 1974 to 1984, the institution functioned under the name of the Agrarian Highschool, which then became the Agro-Industrial Highschool. Nowadays, the name of the institution is the Technological Highschool.

       Our school has a great material basis, mainly due to the PHARE TVET 2004-2006 programme, a project which was won in a contest. We rehabilitated one of the buildings and we got didactic equipments and modern machines. We also equipped two ITC laboratories (50 computers P4 and two servers), which allow specialty lessons, but also AEL lessons on all the subjects.

       There are 47 teachers (27 teachers, 17 engineers and economists and 3 foremen), 8 members of the auxiliary didactic staff and 11 members of the non-didactic staff.

     Most of our students come from countryside, whose families have very little financial resources . Their incomes are insufficient even for the basic needs and this has negative effects on children's development .

       Another issue is represented by the origin of students from dysfunctional families, from single-parent families, but also from families whose parents are to work abroad, and the children are left in the care of their relatives or grandparents .

       So, the need to be integrated in educationa, extracurricular, social and cultural activities is bigger . These activities should allow then the access to education .

       At the same time, there are enrolled in our school gypsy students .They have the right to a good education as the other students. Their involvement in educational projects has the role to make them understand the importance of school in their formation as human beings and in the choice of their future job .

       Every child has the right to go to school, and the improvement of gypsy children's situation, but also of those who come from socially disadvantaged families, can be only achieved through education .

       Taking into account that the improvement of the human personality is one of the main educational purposes, Technological Highschool offers a professional teaching and represents a great alternative for a proper education.