Technical Report


    Technical report



    A house built for a family of four (parents + 2 kids), characterized as an eco-house.



    Orientation is thought out so that the technical rooms are all facing north, unlike the living spaces, which are all situated on the South side of the house, due to proper heating



    Ground floor

    The rooms located on the G.F. are: an entry hall, a changing room, a technical room, a bathroom, a hall, a staircase, a spacious living room with a kitchen counter and the master bedroom.

    2nd floor

    the second floor is composed of a few storage spaces, a bathroom, a hall, two rooms for the children and an outside terrace.


    A winter garden is located on ground level, because of overheat during the summer season



    As the main building material we chose a brick formpiece – Porotherm 50 T Profi Dryfix with built in insulation. We went for this material because of the many advantages it has, including said insulation. It’s also non-flammable, long lasting, resistant, simple and fast construction. Moreover it lets water steam trough, has good acoustics and it’s fully recyclable.



    The “Bathroom core” is a very interesting part of are project. It’s built with raw bricks and functions on a special heating principle. There’s a lot of heat accumulated in the bathroom – we use this to heat the surrounding rooms, thus making the house more eco-friendly.


    Winter garden:

    The winter garden is located on ground level by the living room. In summer it cools the air, preventing overheating the room, thanks to all the plants, and in winter it warms it to prevent heat loss, due to the large windows used. It also provides shade.