electric water heating

  • Types of hot water heater






    An electric heating resistance
    water stored in the balloon.
    accumulation models can
    operate in off-peak hours



    50 in 300 liters



    Simple installation. Connection
    on arrival of cold water.
    Attention: the device must be installed at
    less than 8m from the dots.



    Settles very easily
    Several capacities are available for
    meet different needs.

    Can work during off-peak hours.             



    consumes a lot of energy



    No special discussions, however, the group
    security must be checked regularly.

    Average price
    ( With installation)


    300 €

     conclusion :

    To conclude we decided to take the hot water tank thermodynamic and solar because for the summer the solar is better because with the solar we heating all the home and for the winter we take the thermodynamic we have an idea to put all home appliance in the same room to recover the losses thermal.