solar water heating

  • Types of hot water heater






    Solar panels are positioned on the roof
    or in the garden.
    They get the energy from the sun’s rays.
    It is then used to heat the water
    of the hot water tank itself.

    The water heater is made up
    from a small heat pump.
    It will capture the calories present
    in the ambient air to heat the water.

    The device is equipped with a
    burner gas that heats water
    at the request of me.


    An electric heating resistance
    water stored in the balloon.
    accumulation models can
    operate in off-peak hours


    200 in 400 liters

    150, 200 and 270 liters

    Max 50 liters

    50 in 300 liters


    Solar panels can be installed
    on the roof or in the garden.
    The water heater is installed in place of
    your old camera.

    In an unheated room of at least
    20 cubic meters

    with air intake and release outside
    of the room

    Close to the outlet
    Requires gas connection
    and evacuation of burned gases

    Simple installation. Connection
    on arrival of cold water.
    Attention: the device must be installed at
    less than 8m from the dots..


    Useful 100% free energy
    Compatible with the RT 2012
    Eligible for financial aid

    Economic apparatus
    Compatible RT 2012
    Eligible for financial aid

    Gas is cheaper than electricity

    Settles very easily
    Several capacities are available for
    meet different needs.

    Can work during off-peak hours.


    The cost is high

    Thermodynamic water heaters, like many household appliances, are subject to scheduled obsolescence.

    It is rather polluting

    consumes a lot of energy


    Solar panel cleaning
    Coolant Liquid Pressure Verification

    No specific maintenance, simple control
    (pressure, ventilation grates...)

    Annual interview is mandatory
    (as for a boiler gas).
    must be connected to city network gas.

    No special discussions, however, the group
    security must be checked regularly.

    Average price
    ( With installation)

    3 500 €

    2 500 €

    500 - 700 €

    300 €