•  -Why we want to use this system :

    We want to use the rainwater not to use the drinking water.

    For exemple: toilet,washing machine , garden.

    -How to use the rainwater collection:

    1.We must use a slope roof,because the flat roof is bad.The best materials for the roof are : tile,slate,glass and zinc.

    2.Provide an overflow.

    3. choose a tank for yours needs.

    4. choose a pumping water system.

    -Rainwater collection system :

    1.Rainwater falls on your roof.

    2. it falls into the gutters, along the wall of the house (possibility of a first anti-leaf filtration called a crapaudine).

    3.via a pipe that connects the gutters to the tank, the water goes  to the rainwater tank.

    4. then it is stored in the tank.

    5.Distribution :  The water is pumping or it goes to the tap  : the water is distributed in the house via a independent network of the city water network.