Looking for Beau and Delfi

Beau and Delfi, the adopted animals from GRESCY (http://www.etwinning.net/it/pub/profile.cfm?f=2&l=en&n=103985) have been taken from their countries. Where in the world are they? The kidnappers have left notes behind at both schools. Can you figure out the clues and find Beau and Delfi and bring them back to safety? Follow the clues and get the ani...

Communication between students" Videoconference"



Undoubtedly one of the most exciting activities in the project, has been able to make a videoconference between students  , using the new eTwinning live!


To organize the videoconference,the teachers previously we are made it 3 tests in the new eTwinning live together , with Thekla, Cyprus SNA teacher, who are participated as an assistant.

In the videoconference with students, they have spoken about them , and above they have known and talk about activities more liked the project.



Author: Camilo Rodríguez Macias
Last editor: Camilo Rodríguez Macias