Project Promotion

  • Students from Cyprus appeared on Sigma and RIK (2 Cypriot TV stations) to promote the project with their teacher Dr. Nick Shekkeris. 

    The video below features 4 students: Christoulla, Maritini, Andreas and Marios with their teacher Dr Nick Shekkeris on the national TV channel in Cyprus (RIK).

    The students talked about their eTwinning project. They talked about working alongside Spain and learning how to greet in Spanish. They also talked about different activities associated with the project such as the mini Europe wax museun, creating Spanish-Cypriot flags and making masks based on the European flags!

    It was a wonderful experience for the students as they got to promote their eTwinning project!!



    Anna and Vasilis appeared on SIGMA, a Cypriot TV channel on the morning show "Protoselido" with their teacher Dr Nick Shekkeris to talk about the importance of being creative and being involved in eTwinning projects. The students described their project in a positive and enthusiastic manner which was also noted by the TV presenter. The students had a wonderful time and were invited back to a subsequent episode!



    Promoting the project was not limited to the 2 TV appearances.


    In Spain the class blog was also used to promote the project and to make it known to other students, educators and parents!



    The project was also promoted on our schools' webpages:

    Cyprus -

    Spain -

    The project was also promoted on radio:


      Click the icon on the left to hear Nick speaking about winning the first prize in the European championships on RIK (the national TV and Radio station of Cyprus) 



    Promotion on facebook and twitter



    Promotion in the most important digital magazine from Extremadura for the use of ICT


    En Marcha con las TIC