Looking for Beau and Delfi

Beau and Delfi, the adopted animals from GRESCY (http://www.etwinning.net/it/pub/profile.cfm?f=2&l=en&n=103985) have been taken from their countries. Where in the world are they? The kidnappers have left notes behind at both schools. Can you figure out the clues and find Beau and Delfi and bring them back to safety? Follow the clues and get the ani...


Students from both Spain and Cyprus worked together in order to create our storybook.

The storybook features two original stories, one from Spain and one from Cyprus. However the stories were sent from one country to the other without the ending and it was up to the students to write the endings. In our storybook you can find the original stories as well as the stories with the different endings. The storybook doesn't end there.

Students from Cyprus wrote an original story about searching for their stolen donkey in Spain, England and France while Spanish students wrote their original story about looking for their dolphin in Cyprus and Finland! Every story contains illustrations and the storybook was published and sold to students, their families and local businesses!!!

Click on the picture below to see the online version of our story

Building stories from beyond the horizon


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Click on the photo above to see more than 90 drawings that were included in the storybook.

And also click on the photo below to see more drawings from the students in Cyprus.

Cypriot storybook pictures for eTwinning project






Our covers¡¡¡¡¡


And.....of course, we also made the covers¡¡

Click on the picture below to see the storybook covers on youblisher!

Storybook covers

The students in Spain have received the Storybook¡¡¡¡


Author: Camilo Rodríguez Macias
Last editor: Nick Shekkeris