One of the most complete activity has been the evaluation of the project,in this assessment, there is a great variety of results obtained from all participants in the project, students, families and teachers.


    A questionnaire was written in English, Greek and Spanish for students, parents and teachers who were involved in the project.


    The questionnaire was designed with the help of www.surveymonkey.com

    To see the questionnaire for parents go here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/92PZF3F

    To see the questionnaire for students go here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/V8HZDHT

    To see the questionnaire for teachers go here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TPVXJKM


    You can see the results of all 3 of the questionnaires by clicking here to be taken to the youblisher page!


    The parents express anything they wanted about the project.


    It was great to see that parents felt their children were involved in an exciting project that was different for them. Parents also said that their children need to be involved in other projects in the following school year. One parent also commented that it’s important that students do more than cover the textbooks and be involved in something motivating! Also one parent acknowledged the extra effort placed by teachers for the project to be a success. Overall the final comments were very positive but one parent wanted more time to be spent on some of the project activities.


    The students express if they liked the project


    It was pleasing to see that nearly 95% of the students who completed the survey would participate in an eTwinning project again. Therefore the project left a very good impression for most of the students involved.


    Teachers express their opinion on the project.


    The final comments were also very pleasing and positive. Some teachers congratulated the other teachers or the project coordinators! One teacher suggested the Ministry of Education support more such projects and encourage them. It must be noted that the project’s main goal of developing a better understanding of Europe was achieved by looking at the comments above. Teachers also commented on the variety of activities associated with the project and how beneficial the project was for the students! One teacher also felt inspired to begin her own project after seeing this project!