Let´s create a logo!

  • Great ideas are nothing without some marketing!

    So let's create a logo for our project in order to give our exhibition a corporate design!

    These are the rules:

    1. Create a logo especially for our project. Be aware of copyrights and do not use already excisting logos.

    2. Your logo should be digital.

    3. Every school will be able to present two logos. Please upload them until 25.01.2019 in the file here. Give your logo an appropriate name. You will find the names in the voting section at the bottom of the page.

    4. After the upload we all will vote which logo is the most outstanding one. Everyone may vote once! Be very clear about your vote, since once you voted, you can't change it anymore!

  • Logo contest

    Logo Ratingen 1

    Henry Regh

    Logo without text 1


    Logo with text 2


    Logo Nantes 1

    by Tangui Louboutin

    The Netherlands

    Logo 1

    The Netherlands

    Logo 2


    logo 2 by Sacha

  • Which logo do you like most?Tick the box of your favourite one! BE CAREFUL! You can only vote once! Once you voted for a logo nobody can change your vote! So take your time to make the right decision!
    Limburg 1
    3 votes (10.34%)
    Limburg 2
    13 votes (44.83%)
    Ratingen 1
    7 votes (24.14%)
    Ratingen 2
    1 vote (3.45%)
    France 1
    1 vote (3.45%)
    France 2
    2 votes (6.90%)
    Netherlands 1
    1 vote (3.45%)
    Netherlands 2
    1 vote (3.45%)