Let´s work in international teams

  • Tasks:  

    1. Sign in in one of the international groups by choosing one topic. The topics are:

    The plastic dream

    A world of plastic

    The plastic nightmare

    Plastic and our future

    Let's make a move!

    Project report

    Make sure that only a few people from your school sign in for every topic so that the groups mix well! Please, sign in here:


    2. Get in touch with the members of your group. We want you not only to communicate via Whatsapp but also to communicate via the eTwinning platform by using other forms.

    3. Work on your topic in the international groups. It is your task to prepare posters for an exhibition at the schools in March 2019. Therefore, be aware of the copyright. Always edit the source of pictures and statistics! There is a file for every topic which can be used to store your results. The files can be found in materials/files...