Plastic and our future

  • Start your research with the following questions:

    • What are the risks of plastic for the future if noting ist done concerning
      • microplastic
      • food
      • nature
      • health
      • ...

    INSTRUCTIONS: How to create a poster?

    • gather material, chat, vote, agree on the tools you will use (whatsapp, eTwinning, facebook, padlet ...)
    • read information, watch videos, select the main ideas for the panel
    • look for pictures (drawings, diagrams ...), choose, which you prefer
    • write titles and comments
    • Make the poster in this way: As many pictures and statistics as possible, short explanations
    • IMPORTANT: Do not copy from the internet. Make it simple and attractive!

    At some point, each group could ask the others for opinion and advice on what has been done.


    Raphaêl G(internship from November 19th to January 25th)

    Raphael M(internship from November 19th to January 25th)

    Yanis L(internship from january 28th to april 5th)

    Quentin G (internship from january 28th to april 5th)


    Elisa S

    Miguel G

    GERMANY (Ratingen)




    The Netherlands

    Daphné B

    Isabel S

    Fleur K


    Donna de Bruin