Let´s get to know each other!

  • Let's get to know each other!

    Are you also curious about who the people are you are doing the project with? Fine! So let's get to know each other! 


    Draft a little text about yourself and edit a photo so that everybody knows who you are. Create a pdf and upload it to the corresponding file!

    After that you should edit the photo to your profile and write some words about yourself (you may use what you have written in the pdf-but keep in mind that the text in your personal profile can't be very long!)

    Deadline: 21 September 2018

    Questions? Have a look at the account and file of Fil Dolphin!

    Here we are, the students from SFE, Nantes, France


    Hello everybody, we are the students from Limburg, Germany!

    Hello from the European Citizens from Ratingen!

    Last but not least, the students from The Netherlands!