Project report of our eTwinning Project

  • Use the project blog for documentation and

    • SHOW pictures of the schools and pupils that participate the project.
    • SUMMARIZE the results of the surveys in the different countries.
    • COLLECT comments of the students during their work on the project.
    • REPORT from interviews.
    • PRESENT pictures of the events (exhibition) in the different schools.

    INSTRUCTIONS: How to create a poster?

    • gather material, chat, vote, agree on the tools you will use (whatsapp, eTwinning, facebook, padlet ...)
    • read information, watch videos, select the main ideas for the panel
    • look for pictures (drawings, diagrams ...), choose, which you prefer
    • write titles and comments
    • Make the poster in this way: As many pictures and statistics as possible, short explanations
    • IMPORTANT: Do not copy from the internet. Make it simple and attractive!

    At some point, each group could ask the others for opinion and advice on what has been done.


    Enzo C (internship from November 19th to January 25th)

    Bastien L (internship from November 19th to January 25th)

    Erwan P (internship from january 28th to april 5th)

    Octave S (internship from january 28th to april 5th)


    Cyrielle K

    Ahmet Y

    Germany Ratingen





    Luciano S

    Enzo G


    Dylan K