Let´s make a move -Exhibition at our schools

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    Exhibition in Nantes: 28.03.2019 and 22nd april-10th may.


    Opening of  the exhibition together with a  creative statement with  the dutch visitors.

    The exhibition will be set in various parts of the school during 4 weeks.

    The quiz and a video  will be sent to the teachers so that they can work on the topic in class as well.

    An idea box will be at the disposal of the visitors, "making proposals to the head of the school for initiatives".

    Exhibition in Limburg: 04.04.2019  and 09.05.2019 (Europeday)


    Opening speech, presentation of the posters, making a quiz with the visitors,

    testing their knowledge on plastic, making proposals to the head of the school for initiatives,

    give concrete information to the visitors to reduce their plastic consumption.

    Visitors: 7 classes of different school forms of our school, 45 min.each group.